So we did it, my mom and I crashed 2 different Goodwill stores (personally, Pasco is my favorite-cleaner, better quality stuff, and more to choose from than the Richland store)! After working both stores over and digging through to the bottom of 2 GINORMOUS piles of jeans, we accomplished our mission and then some.

I walked out of there with 8 new pairs of pants (7 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cargo pants, & 2 belts-1 spankin' brand new one even!): we're not big on name brands at my house, but if we find good ones for cheap then its icing on the cake-and let me tell ya, my icing was a few pairs of Calvin Klein (mom says they're built real well), a pair of Diesel, a pair of Silver (another of my mom's fav kinds since they're supposed to last forever), a pair of Arizonas, and a pair of Lucky Dungarees (mom said they're practically indestrucible). My cargos are Old Navy...all in all, not shabby.
I also came away with two BRAND NEW Converse One Star dresses! (Mom says they're "overstock" from Target): the black silky one is fun and feels cool, the navy one is what my mom calls a jumper, so I'll have to layer with it. Both go past my knees so I LOVE that they're modest and AREN'T PINK!
Mom said we got a steal! All that for less than the price of one pair of jeans if we'd bought them at the mall. Now I understand better why mom doesn't like to go to the mall very often. So, since we saved tons of money and none of my jeans will be immodest now, let's just say that my dad is very very HAPPY with us!


  1. Hi I noticed that your mom commented on my blog. I found you through her. I love your blog! It is amazing!!

  2. WOW! I never have any luck when I go to the Goodwill stores. You girls did great! Daisy~


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