WICKED good time!

Sorry its taken me so long to get this post up, but Spring Break was a wicked good time! We did a little of everything. We even went up to Leavenworth & down to Pendleton. But best of all, to celebrate the winding-up of Spring Break, I went to Portland to spend time with my Dad. We went to "Wicked" (the Broadway musical) along with my grandparents. It was AWESOME!!! It's the point of view (or other side of the story) of the witches of Oz. The "wicked" witch's name is Elphaba. She's not really wicked, that's just how she's made out to appear by other characters in the story, all because she's different from them. Galinda (aka Glinda of Dorothy's OZ) wasn't always perfectly good either. Galinda & Elphaba were actually friends, though it didn't always seem to be so.

Really, the play shows that things aren't always what they seem, or always as people say they are. I LOVED the musical! And the special effects were AMAZING! The soundtrack is the best ever! I am SO glad I got to go! If you ever get the chance to see the musical, do yourself the favor and GO. My mom says not to bother with the book. My grandma also says the book's not appropriate. They both say that the musical is A-OK though, so GO SEE IT! I'm sad that Spring Break flew by so quickly, and now I'm looking SOOO forward to Summer (especially now with WASL going on!). Hope your Spring Break adventures were fun too, and that your week goes well.