How To Go Under Cover:

I'm a ninja. Just so you all know that this post is legit. How to go undercover? Easy! All you need is to be awesome!! Okay, not really, but you really do need these things:
  1. A Sweet Name (so you look cool in the news papers)
  2. A Cool Mask (so no one knows who you are)
  3. A Confusing But Legit Connection To The Detectives (because you can)
  4. A Computer (cause i said so)
  5. Cool Ninja Moves!!!!!!
Pretty straight forward. Except for the last one, of course. If you can't be a ninja, that's okay, not everybody's as amazing as i am. ;) Some ideas:

And it's a great idea to be REALLY FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or a cat. Or both.


Fashionably Late... it's Kevin's Fault!

Hey Peeps!!!!!!

This is.............shall we say over-due?

Hahahaha I don't get on much, so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody follows this anymore. But for those of you who waited it out, I think it was worth it - since you get to enjoy this treasure.

Let me know what you think, K?