Ever feel like you're different?

different: odd, not the same,strange
Last week I went to Idaho. It felt awkward! My friends were the same, and treated me the same, but other than that it felt like Rexburg had simply moved on. Even mom's friend's were different with me than before.
But I knew someone -brothers actually- that were even more different than me. They proved that, no matter how odd you are, your still someone's hero.
Gabe and Zeke were racing across the street a few months ago, and Gabe had won. Zeke stood in the street, panting. Suddenly throughout the neighborhood, all that could be heard was Gabe yelling "ZEKE!" He ran and shoved Zeke from the street. The charging car had broken Gabe's leg, and knocked him out. Zeke only suffered a broken arm from his brother's quick thinking. With Gabe unconscious, Zeke feared Gabe was dead.
Gabe was Zeke's hero. How cool to have a hero, but for that hero to be your brother? Now THAT'S different & AWESOME!!! I know that this might not make sense (and I don't know how to tie it together)...but I now have a new definition for different...
different: not the same, special, unique